Whether you've been wearing suits your whole life or you just bought your first suit, here are a few mistakes you should avoid (or fix) next time you're looking spiffy.


1. Suit doesn't fit properly

Most people buy a suit off-the-rack and wear it right away. The problem is that off-the-rack suits aren't one size fits all. In fact, they don't fit most. Before you wear your suit, you should get it tailored. Adjusting the waist, sleeves, and length will make the suit look like it was made just for you. 

A better option is to buy a suit that IS made just for you. Our custom suits are made with your measurements, so no matter what type of build you have, your suit will have a perfect fit.


2. Wearing the wrong socks

Your socks should match the color of your pants. Wear navy socks with a navy suit, gray socks with a gray suit, and black socks with a black suit. You can wear socks with designs or multiple colors, as long as they compliment the color of your suit. 

Unless you are Michael Jackson, you should never wear white gym socks with your suit.


3. Sleeves are too long

Your shirt sleeves should be about half an inch longer than your jacket sleeves. Having the jacket sleeves too long makes it look like you are wearing your dad's suit. And when you can see too much of your shirt sleeve, it looks like you're wearing your little brother's suit.


4. Shirt collar isn't stiff

No matter how expensive your suit is, if you're not wearing the right shirt, it'll make your suit look cheap. Wearing a dress shirt with a stiff collar will ensure the best look. Ironing and starching the collar is a great way to keep that collar looking crisp all day.


5. Belt and shoes don't match

You've probably heard of this one multiple times. Your belt should match your shoes. This common mistake screams that you don't know how to dress yourself. Always wear a brown belt with your brown shoes and a black belt with your black shoes. You can find a reversible belt that's both, black and brown, so you'll never forget.


6. Tags and stitching still attached

When you buy a new suit (mostly off-the-rack) it's common for some tags to be stitched on the sleeves and for some tack stitching in the shape of an "X" on the vents. These should be removed before you wear your new suit. Make sure you use some scissors to cut them so you don't damage the suit by trying to rip them off.


7. Bad tie knot

If you're not used to wearing a tie (or you just hate it) then you're probably not good at tying a good knot. You don't have to do anything fancy like the Eldridge knot. Knowing how to tie a half Windsor knot will always make you look professional and put together. The half Windsor gives you that classic triangle shape without being too bulky.


8. Wearing the wrong undershirt

If you're like me, wearing a suit when it's over 80°F will guarantee sweat. So, to protect your suit from sweat stains, you should wear an undershirt. Just make sure it's the right kind so people can't see it. Crew neck shirts should only be worn if you'll be wearing a tie since your dress shirt will be fully buttoned up. If you won't be wearing a tie and your top buttoned will be unbuttoned, you should wear a V-neck. Now, if you like showing some chest hair, this deep V-neck will keep your suit dry.

JC Pozas